Our bed base slat assembling table is manufactured following the highest quality standards of DANLUK ENGINEERING, rigorously designed and manufactured in our facilities by our team of engineers to make this a leading machine in its category.

This semi-automatic table is designed to facilitate the assembly of the slats on the bed base and to do it more quickly.

The support side walls move manually by means of steel guides and with the help of a central gear the sides move equidistantly, moving only one side moves both at the same time. A fixing system locks the sides at the exact point.

The placement of the slats is done comfortably. Once the sheets are in place, the hydraulic arms are responsible for inserting and fixing the sheets on the steel frame.

Data sheet:

Materials Bed bases
Bed base dimensions Up to 2000 x 2000 (Other sizes as option)
Slats fixation Hydraulic actuated arms
Side wall adjustment Manual (Motor driven as option)
Side wall fixing Manual lever operation
Power 3 kw

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