Our CRM-50 Fabric Roll Manual Cutter is manufactured following the highest quality standards of DANLUK ENGINEERING, rigorously designed and manufactured in our facilities by our team of engineers to make this a cutting-edge machine within its category.

The CRM-50 roll cutting machine is designed to cut fabric rolls manually.

Capable of cutting rolls up to 450 mm in diameter in different sizes and piece lengths.

The roll cutter uses a precision sharpening  circular blade, made of machined hard metal to provide very precise and clean cuts are achieved.

The blade displacement carriage has a pneumatic brake, which is activated and deactivated by means of a button, thus avoiding the cumbersome methods used by other manufacturers through manually threaded fixings.

The roll end stop also incorporates the same pneumatic brake system, activated by a push button.

The machine incorporates a tape measure to facilitate the movement of the blade to the desired size without having to use any measuring tool.

Data sheet:

Fabric roll length Standard 2000 mm (Other lenghts as option)
Fabric roll max. diameter 450 mm
Cut type Manual
Blade type Sharpened iron disc blade
Power 2 kw
Air pressure 6 bar
Option 1 Automatic blade greasing with special lubricant
Option 2 Blade sharpener

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