Our pillow sleeving machine is manufactured following the highest quality standards of DANLUK ENGINEERING, rigorously designed and manufactured in our facilities by our team of engineers to make this a leading machine in its category.

Compact long-mouth sleeving machine for sleeving memory foam or soft foam pillows with the first cover made of polyester and cotton fabric.

Designed with a long inlet mouth to be able to introduce many meters of fabric in the form of a tube and thus be able to cover a large amount of pillows without too many production stoppages.

For proper operation and maximum production performance, this sleeving machine needs to be previously installed on the BSA-300 cutting and sealing bar, which is in charge of cutting and sealing the fabric for each pillow that is sleeved.

Two essential machines to enhance the finish and increase productivity on pillow manufacturing.

Data sheet:

Materials Polyester fabric 100%
Sleeving speed 6 pillows/minute
Suitable Product Memory foam and soft foam pillows
Operation mode Continuous
Power 1,5 kw
Option Sealing and cut bar BSA-300
Option Zip pillowcase bagging machine EFA-20

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