Our pillow bagger is manufactured following the highest quality standards of DANLUK ENGINEERING, rigorously designed and manufactured in our facilities by our team of engineers to make this a leading machine in its category.

This machine is designed for bagging several pillows at the same time. The machine is compact and is easily transported from one place to another in the factory.

The AE-10 is prepared to bag up to 10 pillows together in the same bag, so that their handling is comfortable and simple in order to easy distribution.

Able to work anywhere since it does not require an electrical installation, its components are all pneumatic, so only compressed air will be needed for it to work correctly.

Data sheet:

Materials Soft foam, memory foam and fiber
Pillow length From 75cm up to 1,50 cm (Other sizes as option)
Air pressure 6 bar
Power Pneumatic

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