Our mattress press and roller is manufactured following the highest quality standards of DANLUK ENGINEERING, rigorously designed and manufactured in our facilities by our team of engineers to make this a leading machine in its category.

DANLUK ENGINEERING, through years of studies and research and always meeting the highest demands of mattress manufacturers, has managed to develop one of the most cutting-edge press & roller machines on the market.

The PR-50 mattress press and roller is so powerful that it is capable of pressing, vacuum compacting and rolling up to 3 mattresses at the same time, reducing transport costs by up to 300%.

Danluk’s engineering department, being a pioneer, after years of research, has managed to design an exclusive hydraulic system for mattress compression with which greater pressing force and excellent leveling of the pressing plate without any type of mechanical guidance, thus eliminating completely maintenance and avoiding breakage. In addition, the hydraulic group also incorporates a new stop system at the end of compression travel with which the mattress is able to eliminate all the air with full guarantees, also eliminating the previous end-of-stroke sensors. With this new system, it is possible to regulate the needed force to be applied during compression, and it also enhances complete air vacuum.

The conveyor belt roller drums are made of rectified steel and machined following rigorous quality controls so that they fulfill their demanding function. The gears for the transmission are manufactured using a special self-lubricating technical plastic of great hardness, with which it is possible to avoid the continuous greasing of the old steel gears and, in addition, they allow extending the expected life to thousands of cycles.

Years of study and progress together with new technologies and high-quality controls make this machine modern, fast, silent and the most powerful on the market.

Data sheet:

Max. mattress size 2000 x 2000 mm
Max mattress height Up to 350 mm (Other sizes as option)
Wrapping material Plastic film up to 100µ thickness
Sealing method Double sealing bar at the roller & at the press
Mattress type Foam & pocket springs.
Power 14 kw
Air pressure 6 bar
Cycle duration 25 seconds